The Largest Collection of Figures Created by "Leonard Insull" in the World

Preserving History One Figure At A Time...

Leonard Insull

The Worlds Largest Collection of figures created by Leonard Insull Sr. and Leonard Insull Junior

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A night with the figures

Every year we hold a wine and cheese night at the museum fundraiser. Come dressed at your finest for a good cause. Our goal as an organization has always been to give back to both local communities by hosting events that benefit organizations outside of Chicago's own but one way these groups can help support each other within their area.





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The Leonard Insull Book

About The Author

Tonya Traylor is an accomplished collector, ventriloquist, and educator who is currently working with private schools in the United Arab Emirates. Her passion for collecting has led her to amass an...

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The Figures

  Ventriloquist figures that are truly captivating masterpieces which exude an aura of life and artistry. Each figure is a culmination of decades of performance energy, infused with the essence of...

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"Insull Demystified" The Book

"Insull Demystified" is a highly anticipated new book that showcases the artistic achievements of Leonard Insull Sr. and Leonard "Len" Insull Jr. The book features a vast collection of Len Insull ...

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